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70 Percenters - Last 12 Months

Lyn WiddupGeorge McLean80.0% RB- WEDNESDAY 10.00 AM WITH IAN (9-AUG-23)9-AUG-23
Elizabeth YooAnita Delorenzo78.2% WEDNESDAY NIGHT WALK IN (5-JUN-24)5-JUN-24
Robin ErskineRob Hurst77.0% FRIDAY MORNING (26-JAN-24)26-JAN-24
Deborah MilnerAndrew Kettle75.9% RB - SATURDAY 1-15 WITH JOHN D (10-FEB-24)10-FEB-24
Rob HurstRobin Erskine75.4% FRIDAY MORNING (12-JAN-24)12-JAN-24
Steve GeddesElaine Pretorius75.0% WEDNESDAY NIGHT (20-MAR-24)20-MAR-24
Bernie RussellJennie Kane75.0% FRIDAY MORNING - SUOERVISED (24-MAY-24)24-MAY-24
Marian WolskiElly McGinness75.0% FRIDAY MORNING - SUOERVISED (24-MAY-24)24-MAY-24
Lyn TurnerJohn Donovan75.0% RB - WEDNESDAY_10-15AM - WITH JOHN S (14-FEB-24)14-FEB-24
Annie KlorenCyril Reynolds75.0% REALBRIIDGE WEDNESDAY_10-15AM 24 JANUARY 2024 WITH IAN (24-JAN-24)24-JAN-24
Karin Le RouxPatricia Burke74.7% REALBRIDGE - MONDAY_2PM WITH JOHN D (1-JUL-24)1-JUL-24 
Erin TewesBrad Coles74.5% GS PAIRS - WEEK 1 OVERALL30-JAN-24
Francis HillsGeorge Riszko73.7% TUESDAY AFTERNOON - BLUE (25-JUN-24)25-JUN-24 
Maxwell AshurstJosh Schwartz73.4% WEDNESDAY NIGHT (17-JUL-24)17-JUL-24 
Lyn TurnerLynne Moss73.3% RB - FRIDAY 1.15PM WITH JOHN D (8-SEP-23)8-SEP-23
Niek Van VuchtKen Anderson73.3% MONDAY MORNING (30-OCT-23)30-OCT-23
Erin TewesBrad Coles73.0% TUESDAY GS WEEK 1 - BLUE (30-JAN-24)30-JAN-24
Patricia McDonaldMichael Burt72.6% MONDAY MORNING - SECTION A (8-JUL-24)8-JUL-24 
Andrew StruikPeter Kahler72.6% MONDAY MORNING - SECTION A (18-DEC-23)18-DEC-23
Morag LokanLiz Van Der Hor72.5% MONDAY MORNING (18-SEP-23)18-SEP-23
Niek Van VuchtBruce Crossman72.3% WEDNESDAY MORNING - RED SECTION (6-MAR-24)6-MAR-24
Adrian D'AmicoIan Morison72.2% WEDNESDAY NIGHT (1-MAY-24)1-MAY-24
Anne PowellLyn Carter72.0% FRIDAY AFTERNOON (8-SEP-23)8-SEP-23
Jennifer CarterBazli Karattiyattil71.8% WEDNESDAY NIGHT - SECTION A (28-FEB-24)28-FEB-24
Tony MarinosStephen Mendick71.7% RB - MONDAY 7PM (14-AUG-23)14-AUG-23
Karen CarlinBarry Jones71.7% FRIDAY MORNING (24-NOV-23)24-NOV-23
Gordon HendersonSunny Campbell71.5% MONDAY MORNING (20-MAY-24)20-MAY-24
Elspeth SaxbyEric Glass71.4% WEDNESDAY MORNING - BLUE SECTION (19-JUN-24)19-JUN-24
Debra BirkbyPaul Birkby71.4% RB - MONDAY 7PM 1 JANUARY 2024 (1-JAN-24)1-JAN-24
Robin ErskineRob Hurst71.3% FRIDAY MORNING - BLUE (19-JAN-24)19-JAN-24
Janet KahlerJeanette Grahame71.3% WEDNESDAY MORNING WALK IN PAIRS (5-JUN-24)5-JUN-24
Wendy BoxallSean Mullamphy71.3% FRIDAY AFTERNOON (12-JUL-24)12-JUL-24 
Maria MeakinsVic Meakins71.2% TUESDAY AFTERNOON - RED (31-OCT-23)31-OCT-23
Desmond MandersonRob Hurst71.1% RB - MONDAY 7PM (28-AUG-23)28-AUG-23
The DirectorDirector Director70.8% RB - MONDAY_2PM WITH PAUL (1-JAN-24)1-JAN-24
West SaveryLiz Van Der Hor70.8% RB - SATURDAY 1.15PM WITH JOHN D (2-SEP-23)2-SEP-23
Keith MitchellLesley Gunson70.8% WEDNESDAY NIGHT - RED (20-SEP-23)20-SEP-23
Bob CoxSue La Peyre70.8% MONDAY MORNING (18-SEP-23)18-SEP-23
Janet KahlerLiz Van Der Hor70.6% TUESDAY AFTERNOON - BLUE (7-NOV-23)7-NOV-23
Desmond MandersonRob Hurst70.6% TUESDAY AFTERNOON - BLUE (9-APR-24)9-APR-24
Pam LyndonBruce Chapman70.5% FRIDAY MORNING (1-DEC-23)1-DEC-23
James WalcottJohn Lee70.5% RB MONDAY_2PM WITH PAUL (13-NOV-23)13-NOV-23
George McLeanLyn Widdup70.4% WEDNESDAY_10-15AM - WITH JOHN S (15-NOV-23)15-NOV-23
Andrew StruikBrian Thorp70.4% FRIDAY AFTERNOON (1-MAR-24)1-MAR-24
Brian ThorpThe Director70.4% RB - SATURDAY_1-15PM WITH JOHN D (11-NOV-23)11-NOV-23
Sue ColemanAdam Robinson70.4% TUESDAY AFTERNOON - BLUE (23-JAN-24)23-JAN-24
Eric GlassBrett Glass70.4% REALBRIDGE - SATURDAY_1-15PM WITH JOSH (15-JUN-24)15-JUN-24
John DunnCraig Becconsall70.3% REALBRIDGE - THURSDAY_2PM (2-MAY-24)2-MAY-24
Bruce ChapmanPam Lyndon70.3% FRIDAY MORNING (25-AUG-23)25-AUG-23
Roy NixonJane Rasmussen70.3% THURSDAY REALBRIDGE 2PM (11-JUL-24)11-JUL-24 
Elspeth SaxbyEric Glass70.3% WEDNESDAY MORNING - RED SECTION (28-FEB-24)28-FEB-24
Jackie AdcockSusan Banks70.3% WEDNESDAY MORNING - RED SECTION (28-FEB-24)28-FEB-24
Tony O'dowd (0)Andrew McCredie70.2% RB THURSDAY_2PM WITH PAUL (27-JUL-23)27-JUL-23
Philip HassallEileen Boocock70.2% TUESDAY AFTERNOON - BLUE (31-OCT-23)31-OCT-23
Tony HedleyAndrew Kettle70.2% WEDNESDAY NIGHT (20-MAR-24)20-MAR-24
Sue ColemanAdam Robinson70.2% TUESDAY AFTERNOON (9-JAN-24)9-JAN-24
Patricia McDonaldMichael Burt70.2% MONDAY MORNING - SECTION A (18-MAR-24)18-MAR-24
Doreen HandNola Arnold70.0% RB- WEDNESDAY 10.00 AM WITH IAN (9-AUG-23)9-AUG-23
Anita DelorenzoCyril Reynolds70.0% REALBRIDGE - THURSDAY_2PM WITH TAMARA (30-MAY-24)30-MAY-24

This list excludes sessions containing the words 'supervised', 'help with' or 'lesson'.